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MultiCut cutting system

The unique MultiCut / Grinder /cutting system ensures a maximum of operational safety at outstanding delivery characteristics. Fitted with a cutter plate made of hardened stainless steel and a three-bladed knife, it disintegrates coarse additions in the wastewater with more than 62,000 cutting processes per minute before they can get into the pump hydraulics. Solids which cannot be transported are rejected outside of the pump by the cutting rotor as the cutting system is located upstream from the pump hydraulics. Specifically arranged grooves on the cutter plate ensure additional safety as the cutting unit is permanently cleaned automatically during the delivery.

Sewage cutter / Grinder pump Features:

1.Cutting rotor with stirring effect
2.Plug-in cable connection
3.External adjustable cutting mechanism
4.Controllable oil chamber
5.SiC mechanical seal
6.independent of sense of rotation
7.Moisture-sealed cable inlet
8.Installed motor protection

Cutter Pumps
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