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Dosing Pumps   Mineral RO Plant   Dewatringpumps

Dosing Pumps

  Irrigation pumps   Dewatering pumps
Diaphragm pumps pulse a flexible diaphragm to displace liquid with each stroke.
1.Diaphragm pumps deliver their fluid with a high degree of pulsation.
2.There are several diaphragm pump categories,
  Horizontal centrifugal pumps with base-plate and coupling (2 and 4 poles) NRB pumps, centrifugal single stage horizontal, are designed according to DIN24255/EN733 standards, in order to have maximum iy  
The submersible pumps of this range UB 62-251 can be used wherever rainwater, groundwater, leaked water, drainage or sewage water with impurities of up to 10 mm particle size occurs.The main applications of dewatering pumps are on building sites,
Drainage pumps   Fairbanks Morse Pumps   Mayers – Aplex Pumps

Drainage pumps

  Fairbanks Morse Pumps  

Mayers – Aplex Pumps

The submersible drainage pumps US 73-253 are suitable for dealing with contaminated water and capable of handling solids up to 30 and 40 mm particle size without stones. Fibrous waste water, as found in laundries or automatic launderettes and waste
Fairbanks Morse offers a complete range of fire pump packages designed to boost water pressure at the flow rate required by the extinguishing system. In addition to these markets, Fairbanks Morse pumps are designed
In 1996, Aplex products were added to the Myers industrial line. The Aplex product line dates back to the 1960’s oilfield pump industry. The Myers-Aplex pump line has since grown to be one of the most highly recognized
Sewage Cutter pumps   centrifugalpumps   Swimming Pool Pumps

Sewage Cutter pumps


Centrifugal pumps (NOCCHI)


Swimming pool pumps

The unique MultiCut / Grinder /cutting system ensures a maximum of operational safety at outstanding delivery characteristics. Fitted with a cutter plate made of hardened stainless steel and a three-bladed knife
The VLR are vertical multistage, in-line, centrifugal pumps, directly connected to an electric motor. They are not self-priming.
- High Hydraulic efficiency
- Stainless steel hydraulic end

Self-priming pumps for swimming pools with pre filter.The SWIMMEY pumps have been designed to achieve maximum operational reliability in filtering and recirculating water treated with chlorine



  Pressure Boosting System   Aurora Pumps

Portable pressure booster


Pressure boosting systems


Aurora Pumps

Pressure booster sets with 24 Liters horizontal expansion tank.The WATERPRESS booster sets are made up of JET self-priming centrifugal pumps.
Pressure booster units controlled by pressure switch.Pressure booster units equipped with single and three phase pumps for the automatic pressurization of water supply systems.
HORIZONTAL split case pumps are the most common type of Fire Pump. These pumps are specially tested for fire-service applications where reliability of performance is of vital importance.
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Dm Plant Aurora Pumps Reverse Osmosis Packaged Ro Commercial Ro Minerral Ro Industrial Dm Industrial Ro
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