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The submersible drainage pumps US 73-253 are suitable for dealing with contaminated water and capable of handling solids up to 30 and 40 mm particle size without stones. Fibrous waste water, as found in laundries or automatic launderettes and waste water from domestic dishwashers and washing machines can be handled by this pump range. For hot water in the industrial and commercial market we recommend the US73 & US 103

This range of drainage pumps is suitable for stationary and portable use. For easy removal of the pumps from deep sumps we recommend the use of our guide rail systems which provide ease of maintenance and inspection. For automatic monitoring of the oil chamber a seal leak control can be connected.

The cable length is 10 m. The 3-phase pumps with built-in level control (US 153 DS and US 253 DS) have a CEE-plug with phase inverter. The sewage pumps are tested by the German Institute for Construction Engineering and correspond to the valid constructionand test principles.

Drainage pump Features:

1.Safe to run dry
2.Easy to maintain due to guide rail systems
3.30 mm free passage (US 73, 103+153)
4.40 mm free passage (US 253)
5.Controllable oil chamber
6.SiC mechanical seal
7.independent of rotation direction
8.Moisture sealed cable in

Drainage pump
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