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Construction Chemicals

  Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals   Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
A cementitous compound modified with selected syntyeticresins. Used as tile joint filler white and coloured.Ready to use non shrink grout mix based on cement with carefuly graded fine aggregates
  Boiler chemicals are formulated for the high hardness and high TDS waters used in Low pressure boilers,. When used in conjunction with a sludge conditioner and oxygen scavenger, it provides a highly effective  
These scale cum corrosion inhibitor for very high hardness, high Silica, high Iron and high TDS waters in the cooling systems. Tacelene Chem 5212 is a liquid product formulated to control the depositions in once through and re-circulating cooling water systems.
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Water Treatment Biocides

  Poly Electrolyte  


Tacelene Chem 6002 is a highly more effective microbiocide, specially developed formulation for application in sugar industry. It is a balanced mixture of dithiocarbamates with broad activity against bacteria and fungi.
The conformation of any polymer is affected by a number of factors: notably the polymer architecture and the solvent affinity. In the case of polyelectrolytes, charge also has an effect. Whereas an uncharged linear polymer
Tacelene Chem 2015 is a water-based jelly from high molecular fatty acids mainly and highly active chemical specially formulated to reduce foam level. It is mainly used for defoaming the process water & effluent plant
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Membrane Treatment Chemicals


Sugar Process Chemicals


Dispersing Polymers

Scaling elements like calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, barium sulphate, strontium sulphate, silica, iron and alumina reduces the filterability of RO system & hinders the water flow.In earlier days sulphuric acid is added to adjust the pH of feed water in RO system
Molasses exhaustion is very important in crystallization process. The rate of growth of sugar crystals in a massecuite during boiling and crystallization process depends directly on the degree

Self-priming pumps for swimming pools with pre filter.The SWIMMEY pumps have been designed to achieve maximum operational reliability in filtering and recirculating water treated with chlorine



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Cleaning Chemicals


Paint Additives


Dosing Pumps

This Product has a wide range of application and is suitable for all kinds of water resistant surfaces like floors – marbles, tiles, vinyl, terrazzo and epoxy coated floors Ideal for widows, mirrors, tiles and other
Kancide 6902 has a very broad activity spectrum against bacteria, yeast and moulds. Typical MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration) values against relevant spoilage organisms are as follows.
Diaphragm pumps pulse a flexible diaphragm to displace liquid with each stroke.
1.Diaphragm pumps deliver their fluid with a high degree of pulsation.
2.There are several diaphragm pump categories,
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