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Fairbanks Morse manufactures pumps for three primary markets – public works, industrial and fire protection.

PUBLIC WORKS - For the public works market Fairbanks Morse offers an extensive range of pumps for solids handling,    sludge, slurry, storm water, flood control, water service and water conservation.

Our industrial pumps are proven performers in the pulp and paper, chemical, utility, petroleum, steel, mining, building and food industries.

FIRE PROTECTION - To meet the needs of fire protection in commercial buildings, factories, chemical processing plants, refineries and power plants,

Range of pumps

01.End suction water pumps
02.Vortex / Chopper pumps
03.Horizontal Split case pumps
04.Multistage vertical inline pumps
05.Packaged fire pump systems
06.Vertical turbine pumps
07.Vertical inline fire pumps
08.Fire protection pumps
09.Propeller pumps
10.Submersible Solid handling pumps
11.Vertical turbine solid handling pumps

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